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Upgrading the research capacities for safety and health effects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields
(presentation flyer of the project - download here)
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About the project
Project Objectives


The main objective of the project is to upgrade the research capacity of the Centre for Electromagnetic Compatibility at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, in terms of equipment, methodologies, and human potential, to approach the standards of high quality EU research centres for health effects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Numerous EMF sources have become the focus of health concerns, including power lines, and most recently mobile phones and base stations of existing and emerging wireless technologies. The project’s general aim is to support safe integration of mobile and wireless technology in FYROM and wider in Western Balkan Countries and to enable highest EU quality level research on possible adverse effects on brain functions due to exposure to radiofrequency EMF.

The objectives of the project are aimed to:

  • Assessment of the existing EMF especially in cases of radiation from multiple sources typical for rural and urban areas.
  • Initiate and support legislative process (the regulations that control EMF exposure in FYROM and wider in the region are obsolete and incomplete). The project will provide: documents for implementation of required EU and national standards and regulations, and equipment and procedures for control of the conformance to safety limits.
  • Enable possibilities to reach the high level research standard comparable with EU Member States, in order to participate in existing (FP6 EMF-NET, EC COST281 Action) and forthcoming (FP7) international joint research projects and networking, in close cooperation with the Paediatric Clinic in Skopje on possible health effects, especially changes in brain functions in children due to EMF exposure by complementing existing specialized experimental equipment and expertise.
  • Establish a regional expertise centre enabling use of the measuring equipment in the region of Western Balkan Countries.
  • Training and recruiting young researchers.


The objectives of the SAFE-EMF are:
Upgrading the relevant S&T equipment
The main goal is to upgrade S&T equipment for measurements of RF EMF. Next, the S&T equipment will complement existing specialized modern experimental equipment at the Centre for Psychophysiology and Metabolic Diseases at the Paediatric Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine. Such inter-institutional networking by complementing equipment and expertise will enable interdisciplinary research of highest priority: studies of cognition and changes in electroencephalograms in children exposed to EMF. Present safety limits are based only on EMF thermal effects, but recently the concern has been focused on the possibility of EMF influence on brain functions, especially in children. It has to be emphasized that objective in this Project is to prepare such research involving only experiments on phantom heads, but not involving human beings.
Transfer and implementation of advanced methodologies
Transfer of knowledge from highest level centres in EU Member States is necessary for the following tasks: choice of equipment; implementation of advanced methodologies; and study of the EU legislative documents. Added value in the research quality at the European level is planned in advancing the experimental methodology by analyzing and mitigating the effects of the coupled EMF to the wiring and electrodes of the electroencephalographs, which was identified as missing in the present state-of-the-art EU studies.
Training and recruiting of young researchers
At the present position there is an evident lack of young researchers in CEMC, and training and recruiting of three young researchers (pre- and postdoctoral positions) will be of crucial importance for the Project implementation, which will provide sustainable development of the CEMC research activities.
Support of the legislative process
SAFE-EMF will provide documents describing the necessary EU standards, and supportive regulations at the national level with practical implementation and roadmap that will help Ministry of environment and physical planning to initiate and support the legislative process.
Due to the similar situation in the region (Kosovo and Serbia and Montenegro) the support of the legislative process will have a regional impact.
Promoting EU and regional networking and cooperation
The Project in this specific subject area will promote networking and cooperation on regional and global level: firstly, networking between Western Balkan Countries institutions who share the similar general situation; and secondly, with highly competent EU institutions. This will increase the potential of the scientists of the Centre to participate in joint EU research projects (EMF-NET, COST281) and next European Framework Programme. The services and resources of the Centre will provide a Centre of expertise in the region.


- Summary report for requiring the young researcher (Download PDF)
- Specification of technical characteristics of chosen measuring equipment (Download PDF)
- Guide for implementing the new measurement methodologies in national language (Download PDF)
- Guide for using the equipment in national language (Download PDF)
- Advisory document on harmonization of standards and legislation in FYROM with EU in the field of EMF exposure limitations (Download publishable part PDF)
- Summary report for WP4 (Download PDF)
- Summary report for WP5 (Download PDF)
- Summary report for WP6 (Download PDF)
- Project presentation (web site, CD and leaflets) (Download PDF)
- SAFE EMF final report with key project results and policy recommendations (Download PDF)
- Final Plan for using and disseminating knowledge (Download PDF)

- Publishable final activity report (Download PDF)


What is EM Radiation?
Electromagnetic radiation consists of waves, the majority of which are invisible. [more]

Presentation of the project (official flyer)
Presentation of the project
SAFE EMF [download flyer]

Specification of technical characteristics of chosen measuring equipment [more]